By visiting  this page I have to assume you want to know a little about me.

I grew up in Northern Michigan along Lake Michigan in the eastern “tip of the mitt”. After high school I moved to Arizona, followed by Colorado, back to Michigan and then Florida. I currently reside in Tennessee.

As a kid I always enjoyed taking photos along with the rest of my family. I didn’t know what I was doing then technically (and I still don’t).

In the mid 1990s my mom and younger sister were entering a few of their photos and getting some recognition. They decided that they should be doing something more with them. Their idea was to produce greeting and note cards. Long story short after doing some research I found out that with a little additional equipment we could also make imprint T-shirts and mouse pads. And so, TreeSqueaks Publishing was born.

A few years later publishing didn’t seem to fit as well as photographics and the name was changed. A few years after that we switched from heat transfer to the dye-sublimation process of imprinting. This process made it possible to greatly expand our product line to include tile, glass cutting boards and many other hard substrates.

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